The Dell Laptop Touchpad not working? Here’s How to Fix It

 The Dell Laptop Touchpad not working

When you are prepared to start working or having fun, your technology should also be prepared. If the Dell Laptop Touchpad not working, it can be very annoying and troublesome. Dell touchpad not working? We have told how to fix it in this article.

Don’t worry, Asurion is here to help you fix any problems with your technology. We are here to help you with anything related to your devices, like fixing a keyboard or guiding you on whether you should replace or repair your laptop. We work non-stop to ensure your important devices are always functioning properly. Here are some tips for resolving problems with a Dell touchpad that isn’t functioning.

Restart Laptop:

You can start by turning off and on your laptop. This can fix memory problems that might cause the touchpad to stop working on your Dell. If you have a mouse connected by using a USB or Bluetooth® connection, make sure to unplug it before you restart your laptop.

Turn on the Touchpad from the Keyboard:

Certain Dell laptop models allow you to activate or deactivate the touchpad by pressing the F9 button. It’s a button that controls the touchpad. If your Dell laptop has a keyboard, it can be easily turned off by mistake. To see if that’s the issue, try pressing F9 and see if your touchpad works.

check touchpad settings:

If your Dell laptop doesn’t have a special key for the touchpad, you can still access the touchpad settings directly.

  • Go to “Touchpad Settings” in the search bar at the base left of the screen.
  • Inspect to see if the touchpad is switched on. To feel more relaxed, make sure to adjust the sensitivity setting of the Touchpad. If it’s not set high enough, that might be the problem.

If you made changes to these settings, you can undo them by going to the base of the touchpad settings and resetting them.

Checking Touchpad Settings in Bios:

The BIOS is the program that starts your laptop when you turn it on. But sometimes it stops working properly during updates or because of viruses, and that may be why your mousepad is not working.

  • In the search bar at the base of the screen, type “Advanced Startup.” Tap on Change advanced startup options.
  • Then under Advanced Startup, select the Restart icon.
  • See internal pointing device settings. This is found in Advanced Settings. Then inspect to notice if it is on or not.

Update Drivers:

Your touchpad needs special files, called drivers, to talk to the other parts of your laptop. Sometimes, these files need to be updated. Normally, your laptop automatically updates the drivers for you. However, there may be periods when you are required to update the drivers yourself. Here’s an easy way to do it:

  • In the search bar at the bottom of the screen, select the item that appears as “Device Manager”.
  • Double-click Mice and other pointing appliances and find Touchpad.
  • Listed as “Touchpad,” “Synaptics,” or “HID-compatible mouse.” If using an external mouse and seeing two mouse entries, the Touchpad is listed as its location in the Properties menu without USB.
  • Tap the driver icon, and choose Update driver now. When the update is finished, restart the laptop and test the touchpad.

If you have followed these steps and still need some assistance, we are nearby and ready to help you. Book a repair at the closest uBreakiFix® by Asurion or Asurion Tech Repair & Solutions™ shop, and our trained professionals can fix your device quickly, sometimes even on the same day.

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When you’re ready to start working, your technique should also be ready. If the touchpad is not working on your Dell laptop, it can be very annoying and troublesome. Is the Dell touchpad not working? We have told how to fix it in this article.


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