How to Fix Netflix Keeps Crashing

How to Fix Netflix Keeps Crashing

You have multiple TV subscriptions for entertainment. It offers subscription services similar to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, allowing you to watch your preferred TV series or film. How to fix Netflix that keeps crashing? We have told about this in this article.

Netflix frequently crashes on TVs when you turn it on for entertainment. Crashing Netflix is a frequent issue that has numerous solutions and is very easily fixed. We have covered the causes of Netflix crashes as well as solutions in this post.

Netflix Keeps Crashing 

Don’t worry if Netflix is crashing on you too; this is a common issue that can be resolved by restarting the device. You must unplug your gadget from the main power source in order to accomplish this. Now, for at least 30 to 50 seconds, press and hold the device’s power button to deplete its remaining battery. Reconnect the power to your device now. Now that your device is turned on, check Netflix; the issue should be resolved.

Reasons Why Netflix Crashes

Check the Internet Network Connection

Occasionally you may wonder why Netflix occasionally crashes, but the WiFi network is the main culprit. Every time the internet speed drops, Netflix crashes. This issue also affects Netflix and other streaming services that are available on your TV.

Frequently, the Netflix streaming service on your TV crashes because the router’s server is down or the internet service provider itself suspends the connection. To resolve this, you’ll need to get in touch with Internet Service.

You’ll need to establish a new WiFi connection on another device and try again if the Netflix crash is due to an internet issue. There isn’t an internet issue if it functions properly on another device. This issue may arise with TV or Netflix itself.

Software Issue

Netflix occasionally crashes for reasons other than a WiFi connection, such as a TV or smartphone software bug. Software issues can occasionally be the cause of Netflix crashes.

You’ll need to update the Netflix app on your device in order to fix this. If not, you will need to restart the gadget. Netflix will function correctly once the device’s software has been updated.

Server Crash

You should be aware that your Netflix app will crash as well if your server crashes. This only occurs when highly anticipated shows and series are launched on the app as a result of abnormally high usage.

If so, Netflix should take care of the issue. Because the issue is with the server, not the device or the Netflix app, and it can be fixed in a matter of minutes.

Old TV Software

Your Smart TV requires regular updates to function properly, regardless of the model. A TV’s software and firmware updates are crucial components. Because an outdated TV model will cause the new app to not load and the TV to operate slowly. This will result in Netflix apps crashing, so you need to update the device frequently to keep Netflix from crashing.

Update Netflix App

Update Netflix App

You should update the app whenever your device receives a notification of an update. Because Netflix crashes if you don’t update it, along with all other streaming apps.

It’s crucial to update the device if you want Netflix to function correctly and get rid of any bugs or errors. Therefore, you should update Netflix right away if you haven’t done so and it is crashing.

Router and Device Distance

The distance between the device and the router is the reason why Netflix keeps crashing even if your internet speed and signal strength are good. Netflix crashes if there’s a distance between the router and the device. The cause of the issue with internet connectivity is anything that is too close to the router from the device.

This is frequently caused by the signal becoming weaker as the device gets farther away from the WiFi. In order to ensure that Netflix functions properly and the device has a strong signal, you should try to keep your router close to the device.

It’s critical to place your router correctly. Try to keep the router and TV as close as you can. There won’t be any buffering problems, a strong signal, and no Netflix crashes if the router and device are closed. Netflix will begin operating smoothly.

Fix When Netflix Crashes

After learning about a few of the causes of Netflix crashes previously, we’ve provided some advice on how to resolve the issue so that Netflix can continue to function properly. There are a number of reasons why Netflix won’t work on Roku, and we’ve listed the solutions below.

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Restart phone

If Netflix crashes while you are using it on your phone, you must restart it. All bugs and unwanted data in the apps are removed when the phone is restarted. The Netflix app data is reloaded when the phone is rebooted or restarted, and Netflix does not crash.

Rebooting a phone involves different steps depending on the model. Certain phones require a few seconds of the power button depressing in order to restart. Certain phones require you to unlock them, choose Reboot, and then wait for the phone to restart.

All phones have a power button that you press and hold to access two options: restart or switch off. You must choose the restart option that appears and then wait for your phone to restart. All of the errors on the phone are resolved upon restarting, and restoring both the device and the apps to optimal functionality.

Restart Router 

You should be aware that the primary cause of Netflix crashes is an unstable internet connection. You should consider restarting your router in order to resolve this. Restarting the router fixes any issues and errors, improves modem or router performance, and speeds up the internet.

The router needs to be unplugged from the power source in order to be restarted. It must be reinserted into the power board, turned on, and allowed to wait until the internet connects after a period of time.

If you are using WiFi to stream Netflix on your phone, turn off your mobile data for a while before turning it back on. This will boost WiFi speed and prevent Netflix from loading while ensuring proper operation.

Uninstall and Reinstall Netflix

Reinstalling the app is the simplest method to stop the Netflix app—or any other streaming app—from crashing. You must uninstall the Netflix app from Applications by going to the device’s Settings and doing so. After that, you can go back to the App Store or Play Store and download and reinstall Netflix.

Check for All Updates

On your phone or TV, the outdated Netflix app is frequently downloaded. Thus, they malfunction and even crash. You must download and update the apps in this scenario, as well as access the most recent information by going to your device’s settings.

To Upgrade iPhone Netflix

  • It is necessary to confirm that the iPhone is connected to WiFi.
  • Next, navigate to the phone’s settings.
  • It is necessary to choose the General.
  • The software icon needs to be updated after that.
  • Your iPhone’s memory is being used up by too many apps, and when you download and update Netflix, you are prompted to remove additional apps before having to choose whether to proceed or cancel.
  • Your iPhone displays an additional piece of information that you can install now or tonight. If you select to install it tonight, your phone will update automatically every night.
  • The iPhone’s Netflix app is then updated.

To Upgrade Android’s Netflix App

  • On the screen of your Android phone, you must access the settings.
  • Next, pick the choice.
  • Click on “System Update.”
  • Selecting the “Check for Updates” icon is necessary.
  • Choose “Download” if there is an update on the phone.
  • Finally, you need to choose Install.
  • Your Android phone will now receive an update.

Factory Reset

Factory Reset

You need to reset Netflix on Roku TV because it keeps crashing despite your best efforts. It is important to note that if you perform a factory reset on your device, all of your data will be erased and you will be logged out. You must therefore store all of your data on a computer or cloud. All undesired data, glitches, and errors are eliminated when the device is factory reset.

For an Android phone to be factory reset

  • The Android phone’s settings must be opened.
  • Click the button labeled “Factory reset.”
  • Click OK after selecting the “Reset” button.
  • All of the data on your smartphone will be deleted upon reset.

Apple phone factory reset

  • Next, navigate to the phone’s settings.
  • It is necessary to choose the General.
  • Choose the “Factory reset” button by swiping it down.
  • Choose Delete all settings and content.
  • Once the notification has been received, choose Erase iPhone and enter the passcode.
  • Choose “Erase iPhone.”

Factory Reset Netflix App On Smart TV

  • The TV’s reset button is located on either the back or side, and you must locate it.
  • It takes a few seconds to press and hold the TV reset button.
  • Next, the words “Factory resetting your TV, do not turn it off” will appear on the TV screen.
  • Next, the TV will begin its factory reset when the reset button is released.
  • This is a time-consuming process. After the TV has been factory reset, download Netflix and log in via TV Settings.

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The Netflix app is a streaming service, and it frequently crashes. This could be due to a variety of factors. What causes Netflix crashes and how to fix them have been thoroughly covered in this article. It will enable you to access every problem. How to fix Netflix that keeps crashing? We have told about this in this article.

The Internet is the primary cause of Netflix’s failure. You should therefore check the Internet. Restarting the modem is one way to fix this issue. If the issue still doesn’t go away after trying every solution, you must factory reset the device.

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