Hisense TV Won’t Turn On: Quik Fix

Hisense TV Won’t Turn On?

Hisense is a TV brand that stands out in the market because it offers TVs that are both affordable and easy to use. It is well-known and respected, especially for its OLED TVs, which have better contrast compared to other brands. There may be a hardware problem in the TV, due to which the Hisense TV Won’t Turn On, then you can think of buying a new TV.

But after doing some research online, some people may be able to restart the TV in less than a second. The solution is so simple you’ve almost given up on trying it. Hisense TV won’t turn on, we have detailed several methods in this article to help you fix the TV.

If you keep a Hisense TV that won’t turn on, you are required to restart the TV. Begin by unplugging it from the power board. Then press and hold the power switch on the TV for a few moments and then release the power switch, wait a few more seconds, and then plug the TV back in. Now the TV will turn on without any problems.

Unplug the TV from the Power Board:

Unplug the TV from the Power Board

In any case of the brand of Hisense TV (Android, Roku, Google), you ought to continuously start your investigating exertion by power-cycling in case the TV won’t turn on. Power cycling basically implies turning a gadget off and after that back on

  • Begin by disconnecting the TV from the power board.
  • Then press and hold the Power button on the Hisense TV for periodic moments.
  • Remember to use the power switch on the TV, not the remote control. Doing this helps remove any remaining power from the capacitors in your Hisense TV. This lets you completely and correctly reset your TV.
  • Please don’t plug the TV back into the power board yet, wait a moment. Do not use a surge protector for the TV because it can break easily and does not give enough power.

The trick is to stay calm and wait for the entire 30 seconds. After you connect your Hisense TV again to the power source, it should turn on without any problems. This easy fix should be helpful for most of you, but some of you may still have difficulty turning on your TV.

Restart Hisense Remote:

If turning your TV off and on again didn’t work, please try the following:

  • Take off the back cover of your Hisense remote and remove the batteries from it.
  • While the batteries are taken out, push and keep holding the power button on the remote control for a few seconds.
  • This helps remove any leftover power in your remote’s capacitors, as I mentioned before. It allows your remote control to completely restart.
  • After a few seconds, you can place the batteries back in your remote and try turning on your Television.

If this doesn’t function, you can even attempt putting in new batteries to make sure the current batteries are not empty.

Securely Connect the Power Cord to the TV:

Some types of Hisense TVs have power cords that often disconnect easily from the back of the TV.

  • To easily solve the problem, just unplug the power cord from the back of your TV, wait for periodic moments, and then plug.
  • When you plug in the power cable, make sure it is tightly and firmly connected. You may need to use some extra strength to make it go inside.

To turn on your Hisense TV, use the power switch on the TV itself, not the remote control. Behind turning it on, be cautious not to move or accidentally hit the TV. Even slight movements can make the power cord come loose.

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Plug the TV into Another Power Outlet:

It’s rare, but your TV might not be working because the electrical outlet it’s plugged into is faulty. Try plugging your Hisense TV into a different outlet to see if that resolves the issue.

If your TV works when you use the new outlet, then you can be sure that your TV is not the issue. Besides testing a different outlet, you should also check your home’s breaker panel box. This box is usually found in the basement, inside a small room where utilities are stored.

Inside the box, there are many switches that control the power. Make sure that all the switches are firmly turned on. Sometimes, switches can get turned off for different reasons.

Find any switches that are partially turned on or completely turned off. After you discover one, reverse the switch to the OFF position, and then flip it back to the ON place. The switch needs to remain turned on. Remember, if the switch has been reset and it’s stuck in the middle, you HAVE to move it to the “off” position before turning it back “on”. If you immediately try to move it to the right, it will not remain on.

This action will turn off and then back on the breaker, and then you can go and see if the electrical outlet is working again.

Choose the Correct Input:

Sometimes, when people believe their Vizo TV is not working, it is actually because they are using the wrong channel or input. For instance, if you connect your cable box to your TV using a cable and the cable is connected to the “HDMI 2” port, but your TV is set to show the “HDMI 1” channel, your TV will look like it is turned off.

To fix this problem, press the input/source button on your Hisense remote and keep switching through the various inputs until you see the right one.

If your Hisense TV remote doesn’t have an “input” button or you can’t find it, you can still modify the input using the buttons on the TV.

Hardware Problem:

Sadly, if you have come this far, it’s likely that there’s a problem with the physical parts of your TV. Hardware problems are harder to solve. But diagnosing TV hardware issues is much easier than fixing them.

Turn off all the lights in the room and check behind your TV for any light coming out from the holes at the back. Some Hisense TVs do not have an opening for air to arrive in or out. To do this test, you will need to take off the back of the TV.

If your backlights are on, but your screen is blank, it could mean that either your T-Con board or main board is causing the problem. You will need to replace both boards one by one to figure out which one is causing the issue. If you can still hear sound from your TV and the lights behind the screen are functioning, I suggest replacing the T-Con board as it typically solves the problem.

If the lights behind your TV are not working, turn off the lights in the room. Then, turn on your TV and go to the TV menu. Use the light from your smartphone or use a flashlight to shine light on your Hisense TV. Make sure you are sitting about 6 to 12 inches away from the screen.

Look closely at the screen and try to see if you can understand the menu. If there is a picture of the menu, it will be very hard to see. Keep shining the light in different places on the screen for a while, searching for the menu. You might have to turn the flashlight and test out different positions.

If you see a picture, it means that the important parts of your TV are working properly, but the parts responsible for the backlight or the LED lights are not working correctly.

Some Hisense TVs have a part called the inverter or LED driver combined with the power supply board. If that’s true, you have to get a new power supply board.

Contact Support:

Contact Support

If the solutions mentioned above don’t work or if you don’t feel comfortable dealing with electronics, it’s recommended that you seek help from a professional repair technician. A skilled technician will be able to look at and repair any problems with your TV.

They can also give you advice on how to stop or avoid the same problems happening again in the future. It is important to pick a trustworthy and skilled technician to fix your TV properly and safely.

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Hisense is a TV brand that stands out in the market because it offers TVs that are both affordable and easy to use. It is well-known and respected, especially for its OLED TVs, which have better contrast compared to other brands.

Hisense TV won’t turn on, we have detailed several methods in this article to help you fix the TV.

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