How to Make Alexa Mad

How to Make Alexa Mad

Alexa is an assistant that helps you find information. AI Alexa has been recognized for doing an excellent assistant job. Alexa is also used in many apps including Amazon. If you are tired of telling Alexa commands, we will explain in detail in this How to Make Alexa Mad article.

You can annoy Alexa by asking any question that will make her react like an angry robot. Whenever you are alone and you are in the mood to talk to someone or make someone mad, you can talk to Alexa.

Steps to make Alexa mad –

  • For this, you have to download the Alexa app on your smartphone and select More and choose Routine.
  • In the upper right corner of the smartphone, there will be a plus sign, it must be selected.
  • If this process is on then go ahead and select the plus sign.
  • Then you have to choose the voice and use words like go crazy.
  • Now you have to select Add Action on your phone, then select Alexa Says button.
  • To make Alexa angry, type in the annoying word and complete the setup.

In this article, all the things have been explained in detail which will help you.

Drive Alexa Crazy:

If you want to drive Alexa crazy, you can easily drive her crazy. For this, you have to ask Alexa angry or silly questions. You can’t make Alexa crazy in the traditional way because she is an assistant or you can even call her an app, she doesn’t have human-like emotions. But Alexa can respond angrily. You might love Alexa’s angry reactions. You can drive Alexa crazy by asking annoying questions whenever you feel like it.

Something Crazy to Make Alexa Mad:

Something Crazy to Make Alexa Mad

You can disturb Alexa by setting custom routines. Alexa has some regular shortcuts that help develop personalized instructions. How to design a unique routine in Alexa and how much craze Alexa can give. To set it up, you need to download and install Alexa on your smartphone.

You have to go down by selecting the More option in the Alexa app. To set up a new routine in Alexa, you need to tap on the plus sign in the top right corner. Then you can set any name and go ahead. Then you will see an additional action button, you have to press it and next select plus sign.

Now you can have an Alexa session by selecting Add Action to talk to Alexa. Then you have to customize. Now whatever you want to ask Alexa, you can type in this box. Now your Alexa is ready to answer the question you asked. If you ask any question with fiery words or anger, she will automatically answer.

To drive Alexa completely crazy, you’ll need to use different routines and presets based on inputs and outputs. You can choose a smart home on configured routine using an intelligent motion sensor present in your home. By doing this, Alexa shouts to people coming into the house.

Alexa Trigger Words:

You can ask Alexa to assist in different places by its name, by changing the wake word to Alexa in apps like “Computer,” Ziggy, “Echo,” and “Amazon.”

  • You are selecting the device from the app menu.
  • select the device on which you want to put the wake word.
  • Then select the wake word.
  • Then select the option which you like.

When the orange light stops blinking on the device, all you have to do to wake up Alexa is address it by any name you like. With this process, you can have a more pleasant experience talking with Alexa. This way you give Alexa a chance to change the pitch of the voice.

Alexa Secret Code:

You can find Alexa on the Amazon app. In it you get a famous cheat code based on the Konami code. Gamers will test the code on Alexa. You can enjoy talking or asking something with the Alexa voice assistant on Amazon and see how it responds. Amazon has made Alexa for all these users because it should bring more happiness to the user.

You can talk to Alexa about anything, in that you can talk to Alexa to set the mode. Whenever you set Alexa Mode, Alexa will respond that Super Alexa Mode is on. If you have to launch anything online, then Alexa becomes more interesting to you and you can easily make it mad.

Alexa Rap:

Alexa can choose a favorite song to play music on apps like Spotify and Amazon, for this you have to ask Alexa to play this song. You can say to Alexa, Alexa, rap for me. You can also use Beatbox with Alexa. But if there is any sound around while using it, then it can disturb you. No one loves beatboxing so much for this.

Drove Alexa Mad on Siri:

Drove Alexa Mad on Siri

Using Siri on Alexa is easy and you can. Whenever Alexa is used on Siri, Alexa responds that she is angry at Siri. Alexa displays devices using AI like Siri. If you tell Alexa anything about Siri, she comes up with very useful, beautiful, and impressive answers. Alexa can speak irrelevant facts about Siri from the time she exits. That’s why you can tease Alexa by saying that Alexa is better than Siri and see that she gets mad.

Break Alexa:

If you are tired of Alexa driving you crazy and now you want to remove or stop her from everywhere, you can do that. There are several ways to turn off Alexa, including using Alexa voice commands or the Alexa Voice app to select the silent option. Because of this Alexa will stop speaking on all devices.


As you know Alexa is a machine, it will not have human emotions or a heart. But you can still annoy Alexa and drive her crazy by asking back-of-the-envelope questions. You can use Alexa by creating a routine program. In the future, it may happen that emotions and angry reactions come into Alexa. In this article, we have told you how easy it is to make Alexa your fan and you can do it.

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