Levoit Air Purifier Red Light

Levoit Air Purifier Red Light

If you own a Levoit air purifier, you may encounter an issue where the device’s check filter light turns red. Which is a typical reason for this problem. The red light stands as an indicator that warns when it is time to replace the filter or if there is any other problem with the cleaner air filter.

Levoit air purifier red light problems can be resolved by simply resetting the red-light indicator on the purifier.  Down is the points method to reset the red light on the air purifier. Also, we have given all the methods in this post which will help you to fix the Levoit air purifier red light problem.

Levoit Air Purifier Red Light Reasons:

The reason why the red light is on on the Levoit air purifier may be due to the situation of its filters. The air filter gets blocked with contaminants, which relieves its air-purifying effectiveness. A red light on the air purifier indicates that the filter is old or it is time to replace it.

If your filter is new, you’ve fixed it, but the red light is still on, the filter may not have been installed properly. If the filter is not correctly placed or fixed. It may not turn on to effectively purify the air, causing the red light to stay on. Waste in the filter container can also cause the red light on a Levoit air purifier to come on. If the filter container is clogged with hair or debris, air will not be able to circulate correctly through the filter. Which will reduce air quality and cause the red light to arrive on.

Reset Levoit Air Purifier Red Light:

Manual Reset-

  • The air purifier has to be plugged into the power board and the power button has to be pressed to switch it on.
  • Then the “Check Filter Indicator” button must be pressed and held for periodic seconds. This button corresponds to the filter located on the display screen of the unit.
  • Now release the “Check Filter Indicator” switch, the red light is now reset, the air purifier will start working properly, and you appreciate the clean air.

Reset by VeSync App-

  • Open the VeSycn app and check that the Levoit air purifier is attached to Wi-Fi and within the capacity of the smartphone or tablet.
  • In the VSync app, select “Devices” and click on your Levoit Air Purifier option from the index of related devices.
  • You control selected the air purifier, you will see a checklist of choices, then click on “Settings”.
  • Select “Reset Filter Indicator” by clicking the option labeled “Reset Filter Indicator” from the Settings menu.
  • A verification notification will occur asking if you want to reset the filter indicator. Go forward and click “Yes”.
  • The filter arrow light on your Levoit air purifier will be reset.

These are available teachings for resetting a Levoit air purifier model. The steps differ slightly depending on the specific model of the device.

Connect Levoit Air Purifier to the App:

If you have a Levoit air purifier, attaching it to the VeSync app is one way to monitor and control the appliance from a smartphone or tablet.

To connect the Levoit air purifier to the app-

  • You will require to download the VeSync app (IOS or Android) and make an account in the app.
  • Your air purifier must be on. Select the “Plus (+)” icon in the Home section of the app. You choice be offered a list of available devices. Go ahead and choose your specific model.
  • Now when the app prompts, press and hold the power button of the unit for a few seconds. The Wi-Fi indicator will flash then the app will begin to connect to the air purifier.
  • For the connection to be completed, must sign in to the Wi-Fi network, then the app will start to activate the air purifier.
  • Finally, give the air purifier a name and an icon, you will notice all the controls for your air purifier in the VeSync app.

Tricks to Solve Common Problems:

Air Purifier Won’t Turn On-

First, you need to check that the air purifier is properly plugged into the working power board. If this board is faulty or not working, try plugging it into another power board. The lowest filter outside of the air purifier must be secure and in place. It is also necessary to check that the power button is on.

Air Purifier Sound-

You should check that the air filter is hygienic and appropriately leveled and that any plastic packaging contains has been removed. Then inspect the fan blades to see that they are not harmed and are working correctly. The air purifier is set on a hard, flat, level surface and is not supported by anything.

Air Purifier Not Connected to Vsync App-

The air purifier is connected to a Wi-Fi network and the network is fine for the squad, and there is no weak signal or network outage. Inspect that other related appliances are not interfering with the air purifier in the app. You must be using the most delinquent version of the VeSync app.

Bad Smell Air Purifier-

inspect there if the air filter requires to be washed or replaced. Not operating the air purifier in an environment with high humidity. Verify that the air filter is a simple replacement filter from the factory.

Air Purifier Not Effective-

The Levoit air filter requires to be returned or cleaned. Keeping gates and windows closed while using the air purifier will help prevent pollutants from entering the home. The measure of the air purifier should be right for the room it is being used in. The pre-filter should not be blocked with dust particles.

Here are some methods to help you troubleshoot common problems with your air purifier and see that it is working properly. If the problem continues, it’s always a suitable idea to contact Levoit customer support for assistance.


Levoit air purifier is an essential appliance that always comes in handy in improving the air quality at home. Levoit air purifier red light problems can be resolved by simply resetting the red-light indicator on the purifier. Above is the step-by-step procedure to reset the red light on the air purifier. Also, we have given all those methods in this post which will help you to fix the Levoit air purifier red light problem.


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