TCL TV Won’t Turn on

,TCL TV Won't Turn on

TCL TV is a device that provides good quality on a low budget. TCL TV offers good quality. Their features are quite good but after spending some time on all smart TVs, there is a problem. In this post, you have been explained what to do if TCL TV Won’t Turn on. Sometimes the TV does not turn on due to lack of power.

When the TCL TV does not turn on, you must first check all the cables and wires connected to the TV. You should then power cycle your TCL TV, this kills the bugs in the TV. To power cycle, the TV, plug out the TV cable, wait a while, and then plug the cable wire into the power board and turn on the TV.

You can reset the TV if power cycling doesn’t fix the problem. For this TCL TV has a reset button on the back, which you press and hold for some time and do the reset process. All the issues are explained in detail in this article. This information should help you fix any problems you may encounter with your TCL TV.

TCL TV Does Not Turn on How to Fix It?

TCL TVs are great to use. But after using it continuously for many years, there is a problem. You can easily solve many problems sitting at home. You can also contact TCL support if the TV has a hardware problem.

Check All Cable Wiring Connections:

To check what the problem is happening with TCL TV, first of all, you have to check the power cord of the TV. It has to be seen that the cable cord of the TV is properly connected to the power board. Sometimes the problem can be with the power board, so test the TV by plugging the TV cord into another power outlet.

You need to check all the connections of your TCL TV properly because sometimes the TV won’t turn on due to loose connections. All cables connected to the TV must be properly connected to the correct input ports. Check the HDMI cable in TCL TV properly as the problem is often caused by the HDMI cable.

Now you can watch the TV by turning it on, if the problem still persists in the TV, then do not worry, you will have to adopt other methods.

Restart TCL TV:

You need to power cycle the TV, this drains all power left in the TV and restarts the TV. Power cycling is a very easy process and takes very little time.

To power cycle the TCL TV –
  • TCL TV has to be unplugged from the power board.
  • The Power button on the TV has to be pressed for a short while. Remember to press the TV’s power button, not the remote’s. By doing this, all the power present on the TV is lost.
  • After some time the TV has to be plugged back into the power board.

Your TV will now work better than ever. It is necessary to do this process in TV, it removes many problems of TV. If the problem still persists with the TV then you will have to try the next step.

Factory Reset TCL TV:

Sometimes when you turn on the TV, the TV turns on, and the lights come on, but you don’t see the picture on the screen. Only then you will feel that there is some problem with the TV screen or TV power button. To fix this problem, you need to factory reset the TCL TV. A factory reset clears all the unwanted data air errors present in the TV even the bugs are gone. That’s why it is necessary to factory reset the TV.

To factory reset TCL TV –
  • Switch on the TV and find the reset button on the TV, it is at the bottom corner of the TV or it is at the back side of the TV.
  • The reset button is as small as a pinhole. Which are near the USB and HDMI ports.
  • Then press the reset button for seconds. You can use a sharp pin to press the reset button.
  • After some time release the reset button. Now your TV will reboot.
  • Then you can turn on the TCL TV and see if the problem is fixed.

Whenever you factory reset a TCL TV, all your logged-in accounts are locked out. For this, after the reset process is complete, you will have to log in to the account again on the TV. If the problem still persists with the TV, proceed to the next step.

Correct Input Source in TCL TV:

Sometimes due to the wrong input source, there is a problem with TCL TV also, the TV does not turn on. You will then need to check all connections and plug all cables into the correct input sources. Because many external devices you use in the TV such as DVD players or streaming devices are connected to all these input sources, you just have to check that it is connected to the correct HDMI port.

You can connect an input source to the TCL TV using the remote. you have to turn on the TV from the power board. Then there is a source button on the remote, it has to be pressed and the desired input mode has to be selected. Performing the correct input procedure in TCL TV is an easy process and does not take much time.

It’s easy to select the input mode with the remote, as well as select the input source on the TV without the remote.  you have to turn on the TV from the power board and press the menu button on the TV. You are using the volume buttons on the TV to select the source input. Then you have to press the Menu button to select the input source. This way you can select the input source on the TV even without the remote. All other TVs have an Input Source button, depending on the model, that you can use to select an input source.

Backlight Problem:

Screen problems always arise in TVs due to backlit. But the TV won’t turn on if there isn’t a single LED light on the motherboard, so sometimes the TV won’t turn on is a problem with the backlight.

If you know how to change the LED, then remove the motherboard from the back of the TV and replace it. If you don’t know anything about it, you can’t fix the backlit yourself, but take the help of a professional technician to fix it. Or you need to give your TV in for repair.

Internet Disconnect in TCL TV:

Internet Disconnect in Tcl TV

If you have a smart TV, you must be using the internet for streaming apps. But many times the internet gets cut, you are unable to enjoy entertainment from streaming apps like Netflix or Hulu and the TV also shuts down. If there is an internet problem with the TV then you have to check the router. It has to be seen whether the problem is with the internet provider or the router.

There should be at least a minimum distance between the router and the TV. Then you find that the internet is not connecting to a TV or all other devices are not connecting because many times the internet is connected to a mobile or another device, and not connected to a TV, then the problem is in the TV not in the router.

Apps Not Working on TV:

Many times when we use streaming apps on the TV, they crash. Even then the TV won’t turn on and the most common problem of crashing apps is due to the internet.

To prevent apps from crashing on the TV, you need to press the Home button on the remote. Then go to Settings and select the app whose cache you want to clear Clear the cache has to be done. due to which all the bugs and errors present in the app are eliminated and TCL TV turns on. Then the completion of this process TCL TV restarts.

After deleting the app cache in TCL TV, you will need to sign back into all the streaming services that you use.

Contact TCL Support:

Contact Tcl Support

Even after trying all the solutions, if the problem persists with TCL TV, you need to contact TCL support. Because sometimes the TV won’t turn on due to hardware issues, TCL customer support will help you with this, they will send a professional technician to fix the TV.


TCL is a huge brand, it works just like any other smart TV. But after some time or years, all smart TVs have problems, similarly, TCL TVs also have problems. In this way, you can try all the issues given in this article to start TCL TV. This article only helps you to fix TCL TV. You can also solve these problems by restarting the  TV or by doing a factory reset.

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