How to Turn on a Vizio TV Without a Remote

How to Turn on a Vizio TV Without a Remote?

If you keep a Vizio Smart TV that isn’t presently connected to your internet and you’ve failed your Vizio Music. You’ll be required to set up WiFi in a different method. We have given all the detailed information about how to turn on Vizio TV without a remote in this article, which will help you.

To join a Vizio TV to WiFi without a remote, turn on the TV and then reset it by pressing Volume Down and Input on the TV at the exact time for a few moments. On receiving the notification, the input button has to be pressed for rare moments. Later, plug the keyboard into the USB port and finish the setup procedure of operating the keyboard.

Connect USB Keyboard to Vizio Television

The foremost thing to do is to factory reset your Vizio TV. Since there’s no remote, you’ll need to use the buttons instantly on your Television. Depending on the model, these controls may exist on the right, left, or directly below your TV screen.

Turn on the TV, then press and hold both the Volume Down button and the Input switch at the exact moment for a few moments. Then a notification will occur on the screen demanding you to press the INPUT button for a few moments. After a while, the TV will reset.

Currently, you have reset your Vizio Television, and you can plug your USB keyboard into the back of your Television. The keyboard can have wires or not, both will still function.

To finish setting up, use the keyboard. Then you reach the network setup screen and enter your WiFi title and password. Then, you should stand ready to proceed. Once your TV is linked to your Wi-Fi, you can choose to use the Vizio phone app.

Connect the Modem and Vizio TV Ethernet Cable

If you don’t have a USB keyboard, perhaps you have a cable called an ethernet cord. Some Vizio TVs have ports at the back where you can plug in an ethernet cord. Go and see if yours does. If you want to connect your Vizio TV to the internet operating an ethernet cord, please restart the assignment.

  • Attach one end of the ethernet cord to an open ethernet port on your Vizio Television.
  • Connect the different ends of the ethernet cord straight into your modem.
  • You can use the button on the back of the TV to turn it OFF and then turn it back ON. Your TV should now know that you have connected it to the internet operating a cable.
  • You should be able to access the Internet now.

Whether or not you can connect this way mostly depends on how close your router is to your TV. If not, you will need a very long cable to connect to the internet, so it may not be a good decision.

Operate Universal Remote

Operate Universal Remote

If you don’t have a USB keyboard or Ethernet cable, you can operate a versatile remote. So follow the steps given below to connect to the internet.

  • Check that the WiFi Internet is on and operating.
  • Then turn on the Vizio TV.
  • A specific code is required to set up a universal remote using the instructions for a Vizio brand TV.
  • To operate the universal remote, Tap on the menu.
  • Now choose the network option.
  • The Vizio TV will start checking for nearby WiFi networks.
  • Choose a network from the index and enter the WiFi password.

Download Remote App on Mobile

You can also use your mobile to download another app that works as a remote control. These apps are free and let you operate your TV without using the official remote controller. They function by using a particular kind of light called InfraRed. That is usually called the “IR Blaster hack”. Here’s how you can attach your Vizio Television to WiFi by operating the IR Blaster way.

  • Have to download a high-rated remote app from the App Store.
  • The app has to be launched.
  • When WiFi is on, you can ask for a link to the Vizio TV from within the Remote app.
  • You will receive a request to input the connection code on the phone.
  • It has to be entered.
  • Then the WiFi menu option will appear.
  • In the last, the TV has to be connected to WiFi.

Most mobile apps should be compatible with Vizio TVs. However, if you are facing difficulties, you might have to get a new remote control for your Vizio TV.

Replace a Lost or Broken Vizio TV Remote

If you want to fix this problem completely, simply get a new Vizio remote.

These remotes are affordable and with Amazon, they can be shipped home in no time. But hey, I’m not criticizing or forming an opinion. Perhaps it’s getting late and you really just want to watch the latest episode right away, and finding a quick solution is the most important thing at the moment.

Download Vizio App on Mobile

The Vizio Mobile app is an application designed specifically for use on Vizio televisions. The Vizio Mobile app can now be used instead of the Vizio Smart Cast app. It works on Android and iOS devices and can also be used as a remote control.

You are required to have WiFi in order to use the app. However, once you have connected your Vizio TV to the internet, you can easily use this app to replace a remote control that you have lost or cannot find.

  • First, download the Vizio Mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Make an account on the app or operate it as a guest. The skip choice may be at the base of the screen.
  • A “Select Device” notification will appear on the screen. This tells the app to search for nearby appliances and then choose “Get Started”.
  • Select the TV as the appliance to connect to.
  • The 4-digit PIN appears on the Vizio TV. This PIN has to be entered directly into the app.
  • Now it will connect to set up wifi to use the phone as a remote.

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If you no longer have or damaged your Vizio remote control, but you always want to connect your TV to the internet, you can use a USB keyboard instead.

All you have to do is connect the USB keyboard to the back of your Vizio TV, and then you can reset your TV to its original settings. Next, follow the steps to set up using your keyboard.


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