Verizon Fios Router Yellow Light

Verizon Fios Router Yellow Light

Verizon is very famous in the communication technology sector because of its service data and video. Verizon is a wireless service known everywhere. It is used to receive network service at home or corporate locations. Verizon Fios company has made a place in the mind of customers for internet network and TV service. Verizon Fios router yellow light then there may be some problem with it.

As you know, the same problem with the Verizon Fios router is also available with other routers. But in this router, the yellow light blinks. And there is a problem with internet connectivity. And your devices stop working and are connected to this Wi-Fi. In this article, we have explained what causes yellow light on Verizon Fios router and how to solve it.

Why Is the Blinking Light on the Verizon Router?

Verizon Fios operates the Internet through a fiber optic network. Which has more upload capacity. There are several buttons on the front panel of Fios routers, in which pairing mode and Wi-Fi setup can be easily done.

It has different LED color buttons so that internet connectivity is detected and the reason for the problem in the network or router is known immediately. There are five different colored LED lights on the Fios router, which indicate the respective connectivity status to the Internet. Which includes White Light, Blue Light, Green Light, Red Light, and Yellow Light.

Fix Yellow Light on Verizon Fios Router :

Whenever the yellow light flashes in the router, it could be a major problem with the ISP. And there could be a reason for not being able to connect to the internet. Therefore, you should try to solve the problem yourself before contacting Internet customer service. You can also solve this problem by resetting or restarting the router. Also, you need to check all the cables.

Restart the Router :

Whenever the yellow light is blinking in the Verizon router and the internet is not connected, the first thing you should think about is restarting your router. Because rebooting the router solves many problems.

To restart the Verizon router –

  • For this, you have to unplug and turn off the router from the power board.
  • If there is a backup battery in the router, then it also needs to be turned off.
  • Will have to wait for some time.
  • Then the router and backup battery have to be plugged into the power board again and turned on.

In this way the router restarts and after this process, there is a white light flash in the router by which you can know that the router has recovered and is working properly. But even after this procedure, if the yellow light remains on in the router, then you have to try another solution.

Restart ONT and Connect to Router:

Find out whether the optical network terminal is outside or inside the house. Because if there is any problem in ONT or it is bad then there is a problem with the internet connection. For this, you have to power off the router and disconnect the ONT from the power board, remove the battery from inside it and wait for a few seconds.

Then the battery has to be installed in the ONT as usual and the router has to be plugged into the power board and turned on. After this, the green LED light will appear on the router and your router will start working properly. Verizon Fios routers get back up and network at faster speeds.

Check Ethernet Cable:

ethernet cable


Whether it’s a Fios router or any other router, faulty or damaged cables can cause Internet connection problems. The cable has to be checked from both ends whether it is properly connected or not.

Therefore, while plugging the Ethernet cable into the port, keep in mind that sound can be heard in it. By which it is known that the cable is not loose. It is essential to ensure that none of the cables are bent or broken.

Because if the cable breaks or is not used for a long time then the cable gets separated and the internet connection is not there. All cables must be firmly attached to the correct ports and connectors must be in good condition. You can also use a cable tester to test the cable.

Verizon Fios Router Overheating:

Overheating can be one of the reasons for the blinking yellow light on the Verizon Fios router. All routers nowadays come with more precautions to prevent overheating. But due to the heating of the router, the internet speed slows down.

There is a problem with the Internet connection because the Fios router is overheating. Therefore, check that the vents of the router are not blocked by furniture or draperies. Due to this problem also yellow light appears in the Fios router. That’s why cleaning the vents is essential. And proper heat should also be available in the router.

If there is a problem of frequent overheating in the router, then it is necessary to keep the router in such an open place where the air can pass. And the router should not be too close to the wall.

Factory Reset in Verizon Fios Router:

Even after trying all methods, if the Fios router has a blinking yellow light, the last resort is to factory reset the Verizon Fios. Because resetting the router can solve many problems. For this, you have to go to the settings once and check whether you have made any changes to optimize the router, if so, then the settings have to be changed manually.

Factory resetting a router clears all unwanted data and errors from it. The cache data is also cleared and it is good in terms of security.

There will be a pinhole on the back of the router where the reset button is located. When the router starts up, press the reset button with a sharp object for a few seconds. Then leave it and it takes some time to reset the router.

After the router is reset, go into Settings and set up a new username and password if necessary. Factory reset Verizon Fios router solves this problem. If the problem still persists then you can contact customer care of Fios.

Contact Verizon Support:

Contact Verizon Support :


Even after trying all the above-mentioned methods, the yellow light is blinking in the router. So the problem may be with your router or it may be with the internet provider.

For this, you have to contact your support once. Whatever problem comes with the router, a professional technician may well solve it. Customer support will check your router and tell you the problem with it and ask you to fix it.


You know that Verizon Fios Router is the best for providing internet service. But as in other routers, the yellow light blinks in the Fios router as well. But don’t worry, we have covered all the methods in this article. Using this you can solve your problem. if you don’t solve the problem, you can also contact support.

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