Roku Remote Green Light Flashing

Roku Remote Green Light Flashing

Roku is a very well-known brand. Which is more known for streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Roku devices are great to use and Roku devices come with a Roku remote. The Roku remote is very easy to use. If the Roku Remote Green Light Flashing, then there may be some problem with it, for this, you can check the battery of the remote.

A very common problem with Roku remotes is the green light on the Roku remote. This is a common problem and can be solved easily. The green light appears whenever the remote is in pairing mode. But even after pairing, if the green light on the Roku remote still flashes, there might be a problem with the remote.

There are several methods we’ve covered in this article to fix this problem, including resetting the Roku remote, checking the battery, and more.

Replace Roku Remote Batteries:

Whenever there is a problem with the remote when the Roku remote’s green light appears, the first thing you need to do is check the remote’s battery. If the remote’s batteries wear out or lose power after a few days, you’ll need to replace them with new ones.

For this, you have to open the remote and take out the battery from inside and replace it with a new one. After inserting the battery, connect the remote to the Roku device and see if the remote issue is resolved. If you still see the green light, try soft resetting the Roku remote. Or power cycle it.

Power Cycle the Roku Device:

Sometimes Roku device also faces problem due to overload. But with power cycling, you can solve this problem. And Roku remote will easily connect to the Roku device.

The Roku device needs to be unplugged from the power board and the batteries need to be removed from the Roku remote. Wait for some seconds and then plug in and turn on the Roku device. And put the batteries in the remote and connect it to the Roku device.

Then pair the device with the remote. This requires pressing and holding the pairing button on the Roku remote a few times. Now your Roku remote blinking green light will stop. If the problem with the Roku remote still persists, then you will need to reset the Roku remote.

Reset Roku Remote:

Reset Roku Remot

If the green light on the remote still blinks after power cycling the Roku device, you will need to reset the Roku remote. Whenever there is a data overload on the Roku remote, a green light on the remote will flash. So, to fix this problem, the Roku remote needs to be reset every now and then.

You have to Remove the Batteries from the Roku Remote. Then unplug the Roku device from the power board, wait for a while, and power it back on. Roku will see the home screen on the TV, then put the batteries in the remote and connect it to the TV.

There is a button on the remote where you insert the battery, that is the reset button. You have to press and hold this button for a few seconds. It should light up green and the remote will go into pairing mode. This process takes some time to complete. Then a prompt will appear on the screen that the process is complete. This is how you can reset Roku remote.

Reset Roku Device:

Sometimes Roku won’t connect not because of the remote but because of data overload in the Roku device. Then resetting the Roku device will prove to be very important. The reset process removes all unwanted data and errors from the device.

You will need to remove all cables except the power cord attached to the device. Then the reset button on the device needs to be pressed and held for a few seconds. Depending on the model, all devices have a reset button; in some devices, the reset button is shaped like a pinhole, which needs to be pressed with a sharp object. Then the power cord has to be removed from the back of the unit.

Now release the reset button and plug all cables back into the device and turn it on. This process will restart the device and clear all data. After this, your remote start working properly.

Reboot WIFI Modem:

Sometimes due to the WIFI network, the green light is blinking on Roku remote, and the remote is not paired with the Roku device. For this, you should also try rebooting the router or modem.

You need to plug out the WIFI modem from the power board. And it has to be left like this for some time, at least for 1 minute. Then plug the router back in and turn it on, then connect all the devices to the WIFI network, and check whether the network is working properly.

Connect the Roku device to the network. Or try to pair it with the device remote now your remote will be on. And the green light won’t even blink.

Roku Mobile App:

Even after trying all the methods, if the green light on the remote still blinks, don’t worry, there might be some bugs in the Roku remote. For this, you are using the Roku app instead of the remote through your smartphone.

To download this app, you have to download it from Appstore or Play Store on your smartphone. Then you have to install this app and log in to the account. After this, you have to go to the setting of the TV and click on the remote. And select the Pair Root option. Your Roku app will then work as a remote.

You can also use this app for on-screen Roku menus. and reset the Roku device. To perform the reset, you need to go to the device’s Settings and select System, then navigate to Advanced system settings and then Factory reset. In this, if the password is asked, it is set to 0000 by default in all devices.

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Conclusion :

A blinking green light is normal on a Roku remote. You can solve it easily. We have explained how to fix Roku remote in this article. You can use the Roku app instead of the Roku remote. And factory reset of the Roku remote and Roku device can also solve this problem.

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