LG TV Black Screen: Complete Guide

LG TV Black Screen Complete Guide

Large and well-known, LG is a brand that sells a lot of electronic appliances, including refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners, in addition to smart TVs. You have to recognize that after a particular amount of time. Every smart TV has some sort of issue, including the black screen issue with LG TVs. The majority of the causes of this issue are software issues.

if a software issue exists. The TV can reset it or perform a power cycle to crack it. However, there might be a difficulty with the TV’s hardware. We’ve provided a number of simple solutions for fixing your LG TV’s black screen issue in this post.

There are several potential causes of black screen issues on LG TVs, such as software updates and occasionally loose or broken cables. You can find a detailed explanation of each of these techniques below. which will help you fix your LG smart television.

LG TV Black Screen

After removing the TV’s main plug from the wall, give it a minimum of one to two minutes before plugging it back in. This can help reset the television and resolve any software bugs. able to look for updates for software. Verify that the firmware on your LG TV is current. Firmware updates can resolve certain software issues.

LG TV No Picture But Sound

The LG brand is well-known for its TVs. However, after some time, smart TVs have one major issue. On occasion, the TV will play sound while the picture is obscured. There is also a sound issue with the LG TV and a black screen. To resolve this, you can reset your TV. This is due to a number of factors. Below are some of the explanations.

  • Outdated Firmware: This is frequently a screen or software issue brought on by outdated firmware. You must update the firmware or software that your Smart TV and the input source are compatible with in order to accomplish this.
  • Broken or Loose Cables: Examine all of the HDMI wires and cables that are attached to the TV’s back. Because a TV screen issue can occasionally result from a loose or broken cable.
  • Black screen issues on TVs are frequently caused by hardware issues, which can include issues with the power supply and backlight.
  • Software Issue: Errors and bugs are frequently caused by software issues with TVs. As a result, the TV has to deal with issues like a black screen. However, you can resolve this problem by restarting the TV.
  • Power Supply: The power supply in the power board could be the cause of the TV not showing a picture. A power supply issue causes the app to crash on the TV screen. The sound is audible on the TV, but the image is not visible.

Black screens on LG TVs are a very annoying issue. However, it is easily solved. The LG TV can be reset or restarted. In addition to checking all of the cables, you can update the TV’s firmware. Here is an exhaustive description of each of these techniques. which helps you get over the TV screen problem.

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Power Cycle LG TV

Power Cycle LG TV

LG TVs frequently experience screen issues, which are easily fixed by power cycling the device. Restarting the TV can resolve any software issues that may be causing a black screen on a Smart TV.

In order to restart the TV:

  • You must turn off your television before anything else.
  • Following this, the TV plug needs to be removed from the power board.
  • Now have to wait for some period.
  • Check to see if the screen issue has been resolved by plugging the TV back into the power board after that.
  • You can try restarting the TV once more if the issue persists.

Check All Cables

Check All Cable Connections

There are situations when the TV’s black screen is the result of a loose or crooked cable that is connected to the input port; in these cases, the screen is invisible. Thus, you need to check all of the HDMI ports and switch inputs first.

Verifying that the cables attached to the inputs are positioned correctly is essential. because it frequently happens that even after connecting the cable to the incorrect input port, the TV screen stays black. It is essential to inspect every input port and adjust the TV’s cable to the appropriate input.

Change Picture Mode Settings

Turning on and off LG TVs can sometimes fix the black screen problem. The image mode and backlight settings are located in the settings.

How to Change the LG TV’s Picture and Backlight Settings

  • Press the Home button on the TV remote with its assistance.
  • On the TV, you have to open the settings icon.
  • Next, you need to choose the picture settings under the settings menu.
  • Select Standard in Portrait mode now.
  • At this point, reduce the backlight’s percentage.
  • The brightness must then be raised even further.

You can mostly resolve the screen issue on your TV by using this setting. The TV’s backlight does not get hot under this setting.

Factory Reset LG TV

If the issue with the screen doesn’t go away after trying every solution on the TV, you’ll need to factory reset it. Applications may crash when you use them. In the event that this is a software issue, a factory reset will quickly resolve it.

All errors and data are erased from the TV whenever it is factory reset. Exit every app as well. You will therefore need to log in and install every app on the TV following the factory reset procedure.

To factory reset-

  • Press the Home button on the TV remote with its assistance.
  • Additionally, you must choose “All Settings” from the menu of options.
  • After swiping down, choose the General icon.
  • Currently, the reset icon will appear, click it.
  • To confirm, Tap OK.

Your LG smart TV is being factory reset. Your TV will now operate and display the picture on the screen without any difficulties.

Red Light Blinks on LG TV

The TV’s red light blinks every now and then. Additionally, the TV does not turn on and only displays a black screen when it does. This is the effect of a hardware problem. You must therefore fix the TV. First, see if there is a backlight problem with the smart TV. See a qualified technician if you are unsure whether the TV’s hardware issue is the cause of your confusion. You can speak with LG customer service as well.

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Check Backlight

Most TV screen issues are the result of a malfunctioning backlight. Thus, you should examine the TV’s backlight. To do this, you must shine a torch on the television and move it around to see what’s on the screen. If a hazy image appears and sounds are audible.

Thus, there is a backlight issue. The backlight is easily replaceable by yourself. However, bear in mind that you should only replace the panel’s backlight with a new one if you must. You can get your TV fixed at an electronics store or with the assistance of a qualified technician if you don’t know how to replace the backlight.

Contact LG Support

Contact LG Support

You should get in touch with customer service if the issue with the TV screen doesn’t go away after trying every solution. since a hardware issue could be present. which only experts can repair. They assist you in mending the television. Services for the LG smart TV are free if it is still under warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my LG TV screen black, but I can listen to the sound?

This could be due to a defective HDMI cable or a hardware issue. Follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned above to diagnose and fix the problem.

Can a software update fix the black screen problem?

Yes, outdated firmware can cause a black screen. Check for updates in your TV’s settings and install them if available.

How do I know if my TV is in screen saver mode?

The TV screen may appear completely black or display a screensaver-like image. Press any button on your remote to leave screen saver mode.

Is it possible to fix a hardware issue on my own?

Some hardware issues may be fixable at home, but it’s recommended to seek professional help to avoid further damage.

Can a power surge cause a black screen on my LG TV?

Yes, power surges can damage your TV and result in a black screen. Using surge protectors can help control such problems.

How usually should I update my TV’s firmware?

It’s a useful practice to check for firmware updates periodically, but you don’t need to do it very frequently. Onetime or twice a year should be good.

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LG is a well-known and expansive brand that specializes in smart TVs and other electronic devices. However, after some time, the LG Smart TV continues to have some issues, including the black screen issue. Software problems are the main source of this issue.

Restarting or resetting the TV will fix this. However, there might occasionally be an issue with the TV’s hardware. We have provided comprehensive explanations in this post to make it easier for you to resolve the issue with your LG TV’s black screen.

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