Why Does Netflix Keep Kicking Me Out

Why Does Netflix Keep Kicking Me Out

Netflix is a streaming app that you use to watch movies, shows, or entertainment on Smart TV, Smartphone, or Computer and Laptop. If you’re wondering Why Does Netflix Keep Kicking Me Out, don’t panic. This happens because of bad internet or some software problem in the TV or device.

You have to check your Netflix account sometimes there may be a problem with it once you can uninstall the Netflix account and install it again. If the device is facing some problem, then restarting or resetting it can also fix this problem. It is also necessary to check the server status of Netflix on the device, because of this also there can be a problem.

Sometimes Netflix crashes due to a lack of firmware updates. Netflix crashes many times, there are many ways how to fix Netflix crashing problem, we have explained all the methods in detail in this article.

How to Fix Netflix Crashing-

Whenever you sit down to watch a movie or show on Netflix in your spare time, Netflix kicks you out. Why Netflix keeps kicking me out, how to fix it, and what’s causing it is explained in detail below.

Check Netflix Account:

Many times you feel that no one can see the Netflix app. So you sign out to keep the Netflix account history private. You don’t remember and whenever you want to use Netflix you are locked out. So you have to check your Netflix account. So you will get your account details near the Netflix app.

Whenever you get to the Netflix screen, first check that all your information is correct. Especially the e-mail address registered on the account. Netflix automatically exits if incorrect information has been entered into your account. So you have to check the Netflix account and enter all the correct information in it. It is also important to check that your account is not being used by someone else and you should be informed about the same.

Netflix Account Limit Exceeded:

Netflix account is limited to some limit, if you are out of its limit, you are automatically locked out of Netflix. This is possible only if you use Netflix on more than one device. So you have to face problems like Netflix crashes on your device.

You can watch Netflix screens together by taking different packs, with the Basic and Standard packs having Netflix on at the same time on the same device. On the other hand, if you take a premium subscription pack, then you can run Netflix on four screens simultaneously.

Check That Netflix Servers Are Working:

Netflix app requires a stable internet network to work. If there is a problem with Netflix’s servers, then you exit Netflix. You have to check if there is any problem with the Netflix platform, if there is no problem with the server then you can use the next method. It’s also a great tool for when Netflix playback is messed up.

Disable Ad Blocker or VPN:

VPNs and ad blockers negatively affect the network in Netflix, causing problems like Netflix crashes. For this, you must have a good internet network or wifi connection. However, Netflix does not allow VPNs to access the network and if you use a VPN, you automatically get locked out of the Netflix app.

Using VPN can be very harmful, sometimes VPN can be the reason for Netflix to crash. That’s why you should think before using a VPN. Because this can be the reason for being out of Netflix. If there is no VPN problem with Netflix, then you can use the next method.

Restart Netflix App:

Factory Reset

One of the best ways is to restart the Netflix app. This eliminates all the bugs present in the app and the Netflix app starts working properly. You should restart the Netflix app twice a month. To restart the Netflix app, you’ll need to reset all of its connections. Or sign out of the Netflix app and sign in again. Restarting Netflix can solve all software-related problems.

Factory Reset:

Even after using all the methods, if the problem persists in Netflix, then you will have to reset the device. Resetting the device clears all errors and unwanted data. Sign out of all apps like Netflix. This process easily fixes all software-related problems. A soft reset is important for all devices. So after the reset process is complete you will need to sign in to the Netflix app again.

To factory reset an Android phone –

  • Go to the Settings menu of the Android phone.
  • Then the “Factory reset” option will appear, select it.
  • Confirm by pressing the “Reset” button.
  • Now your Android phone is completely reset and all data is erased.

To factory reset Netflix on Smart TV –

  • The smart TV has to be turned on.
  • And you find the reset button on the TV.
  • Press and hold the reset button on the TV for 15 seconds.
  • Then the message “Factory resetting your TV, don’t switch off” will appear on the TV screen to select it.
  • Now the reset process starts in the TV. It brings some time for the reset process to happen.
  • Now the TV will automatically reboot and turn on.

Uninstall and Install the Netflix App:

The reason for exiting Netflix may be due to the old app of Netflix. So uninstall the Netflix app from your device. Wait for a while and install the Netflix app again from Appstore or Google Play Store. Then sign in to the Netflix account, by doing this the Netflix app works well and also fixes the loading screen issue.

Restart Playback Source Device:

You use multiple playback devices to access the Netflix app. These include smart TVs, content devices like Netflix, FireStick, or Roku, game consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, and PCs or laptops. All these devices need to be restarted to fix the Kickout problem on Netflix.

To turn on all these devices again, all you have to do is unplug them from the power board for a few seconds, wait for some time, and plug them back in again. This process clears all the cache of the device and also fixes all the software-related problems. If your device has too many apps and the RAM is full, Netflix will load, so uninstall apps running in the background or remove them from the device.

Update Netflix App:

If you use the Netflix app on any device, go to the device’s Settings and check the app settings to see if there’s an app update prompt. Because sometimes the problem of kick-out occurs due to not updating Netflix App. That’s why you are updating Netflix App.

Update Device Firmware:

If you use the Netflix app on a device like a TV or game console, you need to make sure that your device’s software is up to date. Because if the device does not have a firmware update then the problem of kicking out in Netflix persists. Outdated firmware or a lack of software updates can cause Netflix to behave erratically. So update the latest software or firmware in the device.

Contact Netflix Support:

Contact Netflix Support:

If you use all these issues for the Netflix app on your device and still the problem persists. So the best solution is to contact Netflix support. They give you solutions to all Netflix problems. This will only help you.


Netflix is a streaming app that you use to watch movies, shows, or entertainment on Smart TV, Smartphone, or Computer and Laptop. There can be many reasons for Netflix getting kicked out, we have mentioned above what causes Netflix to crash and how to fix them, you can get help from this. Netflix app does good streaming.


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