How to Sync Roku Remote Without Pairing Button

How to Sync Roku Remote Without Pairing Button

As a Roku subscriber, this can be surprising at first. When you can’t find the pairing switch on the Roku remote. But you can sync the remote even without the remote, there’s an easy alternative way. We have explained in detail in this post How to Sync the Roku Remote Without the Pairing Button.

Roku streaming appliances are a very famous brand. We can find it on eBay, Best Buy, or Amazon. The goal of Roku was to make a gadget that lets individuals watch Netflix on their televisions. A few days later it was decided to abandon the project and the company was renamed Roku.

After buying the Roku device, I can’t wait to use it. But the problem is that the Roku remote either doesn’t have or has a pairing button. Since there’s no pairing switch, you’re wondering how to sync the Roku remote. Besides the pairing switch, there are different methods to pair a Roku remote with a TV. Linking a Roku remote to a smartphone is as easy as doing so or manually connecting to a Roku device by pressing a button on the remote on the TV.

Connecting a Roku Remote Without a Pairing Button:

It sounds very simple that you cannot pair the remote without the pairing button. When operating the IR remote, there is no necessity to pair it with a Roku gadget. It is not required to program the remote when operating the console. If using an IR remote, simply point it at the TV to pair it.

The correct procedure for connecting it to a streaming device is to check what type of Roku remote you have. Some Roku remotes, including the Advanced Voice Remote, don’t have a committed pairing switch on the appliance. This omission can be confusing for customers who are accustomed to standard pairing instructions.

Sync New Roku Remote:

This is a good thing because syncing with both types of Roku remotes works the exact way. Once pairing is successful, point the remote at the streaming device. Syncing the new Roku remote with common batteries and without a pairing switch is easy.

Press the Home and Back switches simultaneously for a few moments. A quality light will appear here showing that the Roku remote is in pairing mode.

note: At foremost, a new remote might require to be purchased, but after some investigation, Roku had ingeniously combined the pairing functionality into the battery compartment.

Add Roku Remote Manually:

To manually pair a Roku remote to a streaming appliance-

  • First turn on the Roku streaming appliance.
  • Next is to pair the Roku remote with the streaming appliance. The stages for doing this depend on the kind of remote you’re using.
  • When pairing is successful, the quality light on the back of the remote flashes, and you see a piece of pairing information on the Roku screen.

If your Roku remote is having trouble connecting to a streaming device, here’s another method.

  • Proceed to the home screen of the TV and click on the Settings option.
  • Then click on the Remotes and Devices icon and tap on Set up a new appliance.
  • Now choose the remote to pair the Roku device with.

Install Roku Without Remote:

It’s easy to set up Roku without a remote using the Roku phone app or browser attachment.

  • The Roku app has to be installed on the phone first. The phone and Roku appliance must be connected to the exact WiFi network.
  • After that, launch the Roku app on the phone.
  • Select the Roku device by clicking on the Devices option.
  • Now go into remote settings, select network click on set up the connection, then click on wireless.

Here the virtual remote disconnects as soon as a new network is read. Using the remote on the Roku app requires reconnecting the phone to the new network.

Let Roku Recognize Your Remote:

A common problem is Roku devices not recognizing the remote. We have listed several easy ways to fix it below. This part may help you fix the problem.

  • The first is to press the Home button on the Roku remote. Must be directed to the home screen.
  • Now go to Settings.
  • Then go to System and click on the Advanced system settings option.
  • Here you have to tap on the Control My Mobile Apps option. It may occur as an outer control on other appliances.
  • Finally, choose Network Access and fix it to Default.

Reset Roku Remote:

Reset Roku Device

To reset the Roku remote-

  • First, you have to remove the batteries from the remote.
  • Unplug the Roku, wait a few seconds, and plug it back in.
  • Reinsert the batteries into the remote after the Roku is turned on.
  • Press and hold the reset switch on the remote and wait for a while. The reset switch on the remote may be behind the battery box.
  • If the reset is successful, the pairing light on the remote will blink and information will flash on the Roku screen. This whole resetting process takes some time so you have to wait.

Universal Roku Remote:

Universal Roku was remotely available. Actually, you can buy it online from Amazon. Including Philips Universal Remote Control, GE Backlit Universal Remote Control, Allizen Remote Control, and Logitech Harmony.

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For pairing the Roku remote with a streaming device, you may want to consider the pairing button. It’s necessary to mention that depending on the type of remote, this may not require to be used. If the IR is a simple Roku remote, nothing needs to be programmed to sync the device to the Roku screen.

It makes the procedure straightforward, making sure that you can start streaming your famous shows and movies without any frustration. So one solution is to use the Roku app as a remote to sync the device. But make sure both appliances are connected to the exact network. We have explained in detail above how to sync the Roku remote without the pairing button.


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